Neck Romancing, Swamplanding and the ARTS of Ben.

Benjamin Paskins comes from a Graphic Design background. Likes to illustrate colourful explosions of weird shit. Makes up bands and draws them in  watercolour awesomeness.

Hollerin' from the Sunshine Coast, He makes art to sell, including  bringing you a wide array of colourful stickers, prints, original paintings and illustrations and pretty much anything you can print on.

Ben is  also co-owner of the Sunshine Coast institution The Time Machine and is responsible for the Zine SWAMPLANDS. Its a cool little publication that aims to embrace creative Australian small business. Music/art/fun times.

Here is a little bit of what Ben has said about the Zine.
Swamplands Issue one

Issue one of Swamplands hot off the press

A little while back I applied for a Small Creative Government grant, not thinking I was going to get it, just for practise really. It was to fund the printing for a zine (a small independent publication) for promoting creativity, embracing D.I.Y culture and whole-heartedly supporting Australian Independents. Funnily enough, we actually got the funding for it. Which is great! Except now I have made... more work for myself and now have to put it together". 

The first issue was  primarily focussed on his little town, Nambour, and its inhabitants. Its primary focus was to lift the terrible stigma and reputation Nambour has, whilst networking the Independent businesses to try and work together and you know, be nice to one  another.

"the main aim was  to bridge the gap between other suburbs on The Sunshine Coast, to try and work together to get a whole bunch of things to do organizsed 'round here parts. It will also have profiles on a bunch of bands/artists and articles on varying topics to make it a bloody good read, eh? Also to show people the potential Nambour has at being the Arts/Music Hub of the Sunshine Coast".

To find out more about Swampland here

Artwork illustration and other oddities. Benjamin Paskins

Shirt Designs contact ben directly for custom orders

A selection of weird from Ben

The Time Machine


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