The Killing Machine

“The Killing Machine,” formerly known as “Icarus,” is yet another ultra-violent movie starring Dolph Lundgren, who also directed -- but he didn’t work on the screenplay this time around. Dolph has directed quite a few movies lately, of which “Command Performance” was an unusually successful D2DVD actioner.

The movies directed by the Big Swede himself always have one thing in common--they’re extremely violent! They can almost compete with Steven Seagal when it comes to gruesome splatter. More than one of Dolph’s latest movies ends with him blowing the head of the main bad guy off with a shotgun. The big difference is that Dolph is a sympathetic guy, while Seagal comes out as a sadist.

“The Killing Machine” is exceptionally violent. Dolph plays mild-mannered businessman Edward Genn, always sporting suits. He’s divorced from his wife, with whom he has a little daughter, he has a new girlfriend (but you can tell he still loves his former wife), and he’s quit smoking, something that doesn’t prevent him from putting a cigarette in his mouth every now and then -- but he never lights it.

However ... Mister Genn is leading a double life. Edward Genn isn’t his real name. He’s former KGB agent Icarus, and he still works as a hitman for the Russian mob to make money. He’s elegant, he’s professional, and he kills people. Dozens of people. Hundreds. Some are into scrapbooking; Edward Genn kills people.

Then one day it turns out there’s a contract on Edward, and loads of people try to take him out. They blow his girlfriend up! Something that really pisses Edward off. He tries to protect his former wife (her new boyfriend is killed) and their little daughter, but everybody they trust is dirty. So Edward simply has to kill everybody in sight. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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